Black Panther Party: Leilani’s Wakanda Adventure

Hey Glam’friends! I know, I know it’s been a long time since I have posted! Please forgive me BUT I am back and with a fabulous party to share! Some may call it a Black Panther themed Party or a Wakanda themed party or a Black Girl Magic themed party! Take your pick, it’s all of those and so much more!

Back in February, Marvel graced us with the fabulous Black Panther movie and it was spectacular! I kept waiting for the opportunity to style a Black Panther themed party and I got it. When our client said that she wanted a Black Panther themed party for her 13th year old daughter, I was ecstatic. However, I decided that I wanted to take a different angle instead of focusing on Black Panther. I opted for the Black Girl Magic, Girl Power, and Heroine angle. One reason I went this route is because the guest of honor, Leilani, is autistic. Her mother told us just how amazing she is. She is so full of life and black girl magic and I wanted this party to reflect just that. She is such a sweet and amazing little girl!

I chose to make Okoye, Princess Shuri, Nakia and the Dora Milaje the center of the design plan. The colors chosen were red, orange, gold, silver and black. While I was hesitant about using these colors as first, I am so happy that I did because the color scheme turned out amazing!

I got together with my graphic designer, Alicia of Crafts of a Different Shade, and told her my vision and she created some amazing graphics from the fabulous backdrop, to the food tent cards, the chair decor, cupcake toppers, napkin rings, centerpiece images, and the popcorn bags which were given to guests as party favors. The graphics really made this party spectacular and added that special touch that it needed!

Back when I was dreaming of the client that would request a Black Panther themed party, I came across the amazing life sized standees of Shuri and Okoye and knew that if the chance arose, I’d be ordering those and that is exactly what I did! They did not disappoint. They added a wonderful touch to the party! Okoye was perfect next to the main/dessert table and blended PERFECTLY with the backdrop and balloon installation. I placed Shuri in the photo booth area where she fit perfectly as well.

The balloon installation is another favorite of not just mine but of all that has seen the party. Believe it or not, I did the installation myself after plans to hire someone fell through. I couldn’t be more proud with how it turned out.

The client decided to provide the desserts for the dessert table and so I created names for desserts that would be in sync with aspects from the movie. This was so fun and the client and I often had a good laugh while brain storming over the names: War Rhino Poop, Panther Paws, Vibranium Rods, etc.

And you KNOW I had to incorporate the Wakanda Forever, crossed arms right! Everyone is doing this so it was a MUST! The crossed arms on the back of the chairs was such a wonderful touch!

Enough about all of this! Take a look at the photos and you can see for yourself just how amazing this party turned out. The client was so thrilled that she cried! I couldn’t ask for a better response than that!

If you LOVE this party and live in the Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia areas, you can rent this party! For more details, visit here!

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Wakanda Forever!!


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