Celebrate Halloween with a Glam-o-Ween Party!

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Heyyyy Glam’friends! Now in case you didn’t know, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday….well actually it ties with my birthday and Thanksgiving. Yes I counted my birthday as a holiday! Don’t judge me!

So you know I was going to add some Glam to my Halloween party right? Of course when I was thinking of a theme I knew that I wanted cute, sassy, fun, and glam hence the Glam-o-Ween theme! While, I love Halloween and I love the scariness of it, I didn’t want any gory or scary for this girls’ night in party. This party was all about the glam! I asked the guests to dress up as cute witches…and yes I said “cute”! No ugly witches allowed at this party. In the invitation, I made sure to mention that the color scheme was purple, lime green, orange and black and asked each guest to keep this in mind when choosing their witchy costumes and they did NOT disappoint! One of my guests showed up as Maleficent and she rocked it!

I decided to turn this party into a dinner party complimented with a dessert table and a drink table. I had so much fun with planning the decor! I made sure to carry the witch theme throughout the entire decor plan and I also added skulls as a signature element because a witch is known for mixing potions and poisons and since skulls are often used to identify poisons, I thought the two tied in well together. There really is no right or wrong way to plan your theme decor plan because the vision is all yours!

I had just as much fun planning the menu! For dinner, I decided to go with a chili bar and found the cutest “cauldron” bowls at Crate & Barrel. There fixings such as fritos, cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, and green onions and even cinnamon rolls! Come on……don’t you remember when we were kids and they served chili at school and cinnamon twists on the side! LOL…..the guests loved it! The desserts were another favorite of mine. The vibrant colors of the almond flavored cupcakes, macarons, cookies and popcorn made me swoon! I loved them so much! There were also caramel apples and little cauldrons filled with candy. The signature cocktail of the evening was caramel apple martinis. They were a huge hit with the guests! I wanted a “green” drink and took a chance with a recipe that I found online. The bartender tweaked it a bit and it was pure perfection!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am all about customization so when I found these adorable door decorations, I instantly knew I had to use these for each girl’s chair! I whipped out my silhouette cameo, some vinyl and added the names to each! How adorable is this? I knew the girls would love this detail and they did! And did I mention that the table linen was hand made by moi??

The ladies and I had such an amazing time. We sat around the dinner table with wine and talked for ages after dinner. Girl time is truly amazing and when you turn it into a themed party, it’s even better! I sent each guest home with a treat box and party favors which consisted of a pumpkin sugar scrub. They loved them!

If you don’t feel like styling your next party, we have services for everyone! For my out-of-state Glam’friends check out our Dazzle on a Dime service!

I hope you enjoyed what I’ve shared glam’friends! Stay tuned for more as we approach the busy holiday season and follow us on Facebook or IG!

Halloween themed Glam-o-Ween drink bar

Halloween themed Glam-o-Ween dessert table

Halloween themed Glam-o-Ween caramel apples

Halloween themed Glam-o-Ween backdrop

Halloween themed Glam-o-Ween desserts

Halloween themed Glam-o-Ween cupcakes


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