Glum or Glam?

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Glitter, Gold, Girlfriends, and Glam! These are the 4 G’s that are essential ingredients for any party that is worth talking about. I won’t spend much time talking about girlfriends because most of us have at least a few good girlfriends that we love partying with. And if you don’t…well…..ummm….I don’t really know what to tell you on that one.

So let’s talk about glitter….glitter is FABULOUS! I absolutely love glitter and I try to add it to whatever I can. So much so, that I have to remind myself that less is better and not everyone is a glitter lover. Not to mention, glitter is MESSY! I found out just how messy after I saw the aftermath left from my latest wedding this past weekend. There was glitter everywhere!

My co-worker and I were left scratching our heads because while no glitter is allowed and I didn’t see glitter being used for the decorations, initially we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I finally realized that it wasn’t from the wedding decorations but instead from the dresses that many of the ladies were wearing. It was a bi-cultural wedding and many of the cultural dresses worn by the guests were made using glitter. Yikes! I mean what do you do or say? “Excuse me ma’am, your dress is getting glitter all over the place.” I don’t think that would have gone over too well.

At any rate….there are so many different ideas on ways to incorporate glitter into your party decor. Take a look at my Pinterest Board here for some great ideas for decorating with glitter!

If you don’t want to fool with decorating with glitter, you can find some really cute pre-made party decor from so many various places. I actually prefer this for a few reasons. Number 1, it frees up time that you would spend crafting and most importantly, typically, the glitter won’t get all over the place because it was likely made by a manufacturer that coats it with something to prevent transference to other surfaces.

So now, we have the girlfriends, the glitter and now we need the gold. While gold is my color of choice, yours may be silver. Gold and silver are colors I use to add a sparkly “pop” to the theme’s decor. Glittery gold or silver can really add a sense of elegance or “glam” to a party theme. While I don’t use those colors all the time, I love when a client requests them.

Put all of these “ingredients” together and you are sure to have a glam party!

Until next time glam’friends……


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