Let’s Get This Party Started!

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Welcome Glam’friends! I am not going to make this post super long but just wanted to take a moment to tell all of my girls how happy I am about the launching of A Glam Good Time! I am so excited to offer my spectacular party themes for rent as well as some magnificent props! In addition to theme and prop rentals, I also offer custom themes for my girls that really like to stand apart from the rest!

Creating fun and unique party themes is such a passion for me and I can’t express how excited I am to share that passion with other women that appreciate a good party theme and that are also passionate about taking their girl time to another level. Every time I invite my girls over for a Girls’ Night In, I incorporate a theme and each and every time they leave amazed!

When I first started styling parties, I began with the parties I threw for my girlfriends. I figured this would be perfect practice and I knew they’d give me honest feedback on my themes. Now I have come a long ways from when I was crafting and creating the party decor items myself. Now I use vendors because quality is super important to me. Not to mention that crafting can be time consuming and quite frustrating when the project doesn’t come out like I envisioned.

Stay tuned for my next post where I take you down memory lane.

Until next time! Later glam’friends!


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A Glam Good Time consistently designs parties for our clients that provide the ultimate wow factor and leave them utterly wow’ed and happy they chose us!

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