Proper Party Hosting Etiquette

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Hey Glam’friends! It has been quite some time since I have graced you with my wonderful wisdom! Have no fear, I am about to bring the glam and candid truth about some of the things we MUST stop doing when hosting a party!

Now glam’friends, I have to get this off of my chest in hopes that I can help someone, somewhere become a better Hostess with the Mostest!

Y’all know that I am all about the Glam when it comes to hosting a party right? Well let me tell you what is NOT ‘glam’ful’. Throwing a party and then asking your guests to bring stuff, that’s what. Glam’friends, if we aren’t talking about a potluck type event which derives from a collective conversation among friends, then you shouldn’t be asking your guests to bring things. If we aren’t talking about “hey, I am ordering the fight at my house and folks are welcome to come and bring a dish”, type of thing, then you shouldn’t be asking your guests to bring a dish. You should NOT say, “Hey I am having a birthday party, please come celebrate with me and oh by the way, bring a dish!” ‘Where, they do that at’? Ok, I know ‘where they do that at’ but it’s not proper hostess etiquette. Stop making your guests work and pay for YOUR party. Either host the party in its entirety or don’t. And…let me add…..often times, guests will ask, “Can I bring anything?” or “What can I bring?” Me personally, I say,”No, thank you. Just come enjoy yourself.” When I throw a party, it is themed and I have every detail down to the condiments planned and I don’t want people’s random food dishes messing up my theme and look. LOL! Don’t judge me!

Next up…..sigh……I was once invited to a baby shower and I couldn’t make it. I sent the hostess a text to let her know and glam’friends do you know what she texted back? “Hey, I am sorry you can’t make it. I can come by to pick up your gift.” Huh? Wait, what? Who says that?????? First, how do you know I was bringing a gift (I was but that isn’t the point)? I was stunned. I didn’t even respond. I need not say anymore on this subject because this is something most people wouldn’t do.

Next…this topic is one that I have seen split views on so I won’t necessarily say it’s poor etiquette but I will say this…you guests may think it is. If you had a baby shower for your first baby, some believe that it is improper etiquette to have a baby shower for each baby after that. Now, I personally don’t mind either way. I don’t have kids so I don’t have that perspective and honestly, I have never been invited to multiple showers for the same person so perspective there. However, I have heard from others who have received an invitation to multiple baby showers for the same couple, and they think it’s tacky. I will let you form your own opinion here and simply say that you should perhaps consider what your guests may be thinking. Perhaps have a Sip-n-See once the baby is born and invite folks to come see the baby with no strings attached. Most people will bring a gift anyway but don’t make that the reason or expectation.

And finally, glam’friends…please stop being so extra with your parties to the point of it being downright tacky. Like seriously. There is a fine line between being creatively unique and just being plain tacky and over the top. I can think of a few examples, but I won’t share them because I am sure these people were proud as hell of their idea and my intent is never to embarrass anyone intentionally. I have seen “ideas” that were downright uncomfortable for the guests. When you are planning a party EVERY SINGLE detail should be planned with your guest in mind. I am not saying you can’t do what YOU like, it is your party after all, but you still have to remember, it’s not a party without guests so you have to essentially cater to them.

Glam’friends, I hope this helps someone somewhere become a better hostess! Meanwhile, I am going to get back to planning this spectacular Halloween themed dinner party that I am working on! It’s going to be oh so Glam!



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