10 Tips to Hosting a Fabulous Adult Halloween Party

So often Halloween is centered around kids but who says that adults can’t enjoy it as well? I came up with “10 Tips to Hosting a Fabulous Adult Halloween Party” because personally I think it’s a great way to celebrate a girls’ night in! 

These tips are perfect for hosting a party at your home or the home of a friend. The great thing about a fabulous Halloween party is that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and with these tips, your party is sure to be a night of fun!

1. Choose a Theme- When you are deciding on the theme, be creative. Do you want gory, creepy or a bit more friendly? The sky’s the limit when choosing the theme! Just make sure that whatever theme you choose, it will be easy to find or make invitations, decorations and foods, etc that fit the chosen theme. 

2. Create Invitations- Creating the invitations is one of my favorite parts! If you are crafty, this is a chance to unleash your creativity but remember handmade invitations can be time consuming if you are inviting a lot of guests. You can also find great invitation options on Etsy. You can get printable or handmade invitations that can be shipped to you. 

3. Create a Signature Cocktail- I absolutely LOVE creating a signature cocktail for my adult themed parties! It really brings the theme together but it’s also a way to keep your alcohol costs down.  Providing a signature cocktail, perhaps a couple of bottles red and white wine and a few other non-alcoholic beverages will be more than enough typically. Guests typically bring a bottle of wine when attending parties and you can always add those to the bar.

4. Decide on the Menu- The menu is another area that you can have a lot of fun by serving foods that are fitting with the theme. You want to make sure that you aren’t spending all of the hours leading up to the party, in the kitchen. Hiring a caterer is one way to go albeit a bit more expensive option. Personally, I like going with catering because I don’t like cooking on top of the other things I have to do. However, if you do decide to prepare the foods yourself, think of easy options. A chili bar is also a really easy and great option! Pinterest is a great place to go to find great ideas for Halloween food. I am not a fan of “gory” looking food but some ideas are spaghetti and meatballs which can resemble brains and eyes. Or pigs in a blanket which look like severed fingers. The list is endless. 

5. Curate your Music Playlist- Decide what music you’d like to play and that will keep your guests upbeat and having a good time. Of course you need to include classics like, Thriller and Monster Mash! You can use sources like Pandora, Spotify and Youtube to find your music. Just hook your phone up to external speakers and get the party started! 

6. Decide if you want activities- Depending on the atmosphere, including some fun activities for your guests is always a great idea! For small intimate groups, activities are easier to pull off than if you have a large crowd. You can find some great ideas here

7. Goodie Bags- Personally I am a big fan of party favors. I don’t host a party without giving them out. If you decide to give out party favors to your guests, make sure that it’s something they will truly want. My biggest pet peeve is when party hosts give out junk. Yep…I said it, junk. You are simply wasting money for items that will be tossed the first chance they get. My suggestion is that if you can’t afford good favors, then don’t give out any. Some great favor ideas are custom cookies, a caramel apple, a bag of flavored popcorn, etc. 

8. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate- Ooooh this is where the real fun begins! Decorating can be anything from choosing plates, drinkware, backdrops, and so much more! You want to make sure that you decorate outside as well so that when guests arrive, they will know exactly which house the party is at. You can add elements such as scarecrows, pumpkins, cob webs, etc. Shopping for Halloween decor has never been so fun! Some of my favorite places to shop for decor are Joann Fabric, Dollar Tree, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. Thrift stores are another great option! When it comes to purchasing my plates and glassware, I LOVE shopping at Home Goods. I find thee best Halloween tableware there! Either way, make this process fun. Have some friends help and have a blast! 

9. Jazz Up Your Wine Bottles– I found some really cute wine bottle labels at Party City and used those to jazz up my wine bottles at my last Halloween party. They are inexpensive and a great decor piece so that you don’t have a bunch of wine bottles with different labels on them. Party City is a great place to find ways to jazz up packaging on food or beverage items that you will serve at your party! 

10.  It’s Party Time- You are ready to party! Make sure that you don’t wait until the day of to begin setting up everything. There is nothing worse than being stressed on the day of and being too tired to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor and guests. Make sure to recruit family and friends to help so that you aren’t overwhelmed. One last thing, please, please, please START ON TIME! Don’t be that host that isn’t ready when guests start arriving! 

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