Hey Glammies! I’m excited to share our Harry Potter themed birthday party that we styled in honor of this year’s birthday for the boy who lived. I know you all have been wondering why there’s such long periods between my posts. With working full-time and life, there’s just always something getting in the way. All in all, I am really hoping that changes soon! You can definitely plan to see more from A Glam Good Time in the 2nd half of 2022!

We shot this party at The Lightbox in Annapolis, MD. This was our first time styling a party at The Lightbox and it was a great experience! It’s such a great space full of white walls and a ton of natural light! While it was a bit cloudy and rainy when we shot this party, we are definitely looking forward to styling more events at The Lightbox.

Let’s get into this party!

The Details

Styling a Harry Potter party has been on my list of “dream” themes. I will admit this party is much, much smaller than what I dreamed of styling but I am still in love with how it turned out. Small, intimate and full of details. Speaking of details, a true Harry Potter fan knows that there are more details than we can count between the 7 books/movies. I almost drove myself crazy and my pockets bare trying to incorporate as many details as I could. I think I did a good job for the size of this party. Some of the notable details include the house sorting hat, Dobby, Hedwig, the house points hour glass, etc.

House Points Hourglass

We particularly had fun trying our hand at building the hour glass. As much as I would love to take credit for coming up with vision for how to built it, I can’t. I got the idea and the instructions from Super Crafty-Listic. Her tutorial can be found here. She has some other amazing Harry Potter tutorials as well. I did have to make some tweaks because the video doesn’t show every aspect of the process. I love how it turned out!

Snape’s Potions Class

We used this tutorial from Sugar Maple Farmhouse to create these fabulous potion bottles because what is Harry Potter without Potions!

Honeydukes Sweet Shoppe

Styling the sweet shoppe may have been our favorite part! It was so fun creating some of the icon candies such as, chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, etc.

Other details

More and more details!

The Full Picture

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