5 Themed Table Styling Tips!

Hey Glammies! Planning a themed party? This post shares our top 5 themed table styling tips. I have to admit, I had so much fun with this one! In this post, I’m sharing 5 tips for must have design elements for your guest tables! My guest tables are typically always the last piece that I focus on because there’s so much involved in styling a spectacular table. I’m always on the prowl for that wow factor and I won’t rest until my tables are exactly as I envision them to be. When my clients’ guests approach the guest tables, I want them ooh’ing and ahh’ing over the details. For me, if that doesn’t happen, I have failed. Hence why I spend so much time on this aspect of the party.

Enough talking! Let’s get right into it. Some people don’t like too much on their tables and others like their tables bursting with details. I fall right in the middle. A sparse table is boring, in my opinion. A table with too many details can appear gaudy and overwhelm the guests. It’s important to have just enough and not too much. My guest tables always possess the following 5 design elements: each table fits the theme, has an amazing place setting, incorporates varying heights, has a conversation piece and includes personalization. Read further as I go into more detail on each of these elements.


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 30 or so years, it’s pretty easy to tell what theme this guest table represents. Yep, Harry Potter! This is important. If your party has a theme, the guests should be able to identify what that theme is from the guest tables. At least in my opinion, they should. A lot of party hosts put a lot of focus on the dessert table and tying it into the theme but they drop the ball on the guest tables. This is the benefit of hiring a stylist that has a keen eye for detail. This won’t happen.

Place Setting


Place settings are another important aspect of a perfectly styled guest table. This (above image) is one of my favorite place settings to date. From the varying colors and different textured plates, it truly encompasses the elements needed to catch each guest’s eye. Notice the gold rim on the charger plate and how it ties in with the gold cutlery. I always use gold and silver as an accent color. I don’t like to overuse those two colors because I think in most cases, they can be overpowering and even somewhat gaudy if overused.

Varying Heights

Now this could just be my preference but a table MUST have varying heights. Take this safari themed guest table for example. There’s a range of heights from flat plates to the tall centerpieces. Everything being the same height is, plainly put, boring. I want the guests to focus on on different aspects of the table and take it all in. Again, we don’t want boring.

Conversation Piece

My tables always have a conversation piece and most often it’s the centerpiece. The centerpiece on the top is from a 90’s themed party I did a couple of years ago. Each guest table represented a popular part of the 90’s. This particular table was themed for the games that so many of us played in the 90s.  This is one of my favorite centerpieces to date because it is not only a conversation piece, it also resonates and takes us back to that time. The rubik cube was a big deal back then and while Uno is still popular, it was during the 90’s that so many of us played Uno.

The table on the bottom is another one of my favs! From the Safari themed baby shower I styled, this centerpiece really brought the theme home! I mean look at the jungle animals statue! When I found that gem in Home Sense, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it!



Personalization is so crucial when styling guest tables. You have one of two choices, you can add personal elements about each guest like in the top two images. The wine glass charms were such a big hit with the guests! It really shows the amount of care that went into making them feel special. The second choice is personalizing the details with details about the guest of honor. This is typically favorable for large parties where personalizing for each guest would be overwhelming and quite costly. This is what we did for the bottom image. We ordered the adorable plate covers from SimplyChicParty. Click on here to visit her on Instagram. Kate is the owner and such a pleasure to work with. I warn you, she stays booked, so you need to place your order well ahead of time!

Glammies, I hope you found this post helpful when you plan your next party! If you are in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, you could simply leave it all up to us! Visit our website here and book your complimentary consultation!

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